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NL Estate Sales, LLC. is a family owned and operated business based in Baton Rouge with over thirty years of experience. Our staff is like a family...and IS a family.

Noelle Lanier began her estate sale business in 1985 as NJ Estate Sales. She went on her own by the early 90's and, armed with a background in marketing and sales, totally developed "NL" as you know it today. Every logo, business form, rule and regulation was borne out of a love and respect for people and antiques.

The philosophy of NL? "Do it right....and people will talk". Therefore, it is not surprising to note that 99% of NL business is referral. NL respects and appreciates not only the client by seeing that each sale is given the credit it deserves, but also realizes the vital role loyal customers play in the success of the company.

Today, NL Estate Sales LLC services the entire southeastern Louisiana area to include Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas, New Orleans, Mandeville, and Lafayette to name a few.

NL is a true liquidator. We make money for you and that makes money for us!

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